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Digital Downloads

The creator (Cloudscape Imaging Ltd) of an image may choose to allow a person or organisation to license the work on their behalf, license the copyright directly themselves, or “assign” (transfer) the copyright to another person. The term ‘licensing’ means giving another person or organisation permission to use a work such as an image, often in return for payment and/or on certain conditions for a specific period of time.

Photographs, illustrations, and other pictures will generally be protected by copyright Cloudscape Imaging as artistic works. This suggests that if a customer wants to use the item they are purchasing, they will typically need permission from Cloudscape Imaging. You must select either Personal or Commercial usage at Checkout to carry out some actions, like duplicating the image or using it on any online platform that makes money for a business..

References to “images” in this Copyright Notice include:

  • Digital photos taken on Mobile Phones, Drone and Digital Cameras;
  • Images that were first generated on photographic film and any digital images created from them; and
  • images such as diagrams and illustrations

Please note that some of the issues raised in this Copyright Notice will only apply to photos.


Older 35mm images 

For these types of photos, you may never be entirely sure if something is in copyright, but knowing the age of the photo will be a good guide to make an educated guess whether the photo is likely to be protected by copyright. There may be material in the image which helps to date it. For instance, a photo of a particular brand of motorcar may be evidence that the photograph was taken after the first year of manufacture.


All images provided by Cloudscape Imaging Company have been taken by the individual photographers or sourced from their extensive stock image library. We ensure that all images used are either captured by our talented photographers or obtained from reputable sources with legal rights to distribute them.

At Cloudscape Imaging Company, we prioritize the legality and copyright compliance of our image collection. We guarantee that all images available for use have been obtained through proper channels, and we strictly adhere to copyright laws and regulations.

Rest assured that when you choose Cloudscape Imaging Company for your visual needs, you can trust that all images have been acquired legally and ethically, ensuring a worry-free experience for our valued customers.





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